TV personality Bill “The Science Guy” Nye’s recent tongue-lashing for those who doubt evolution’s theory that sludge advanced itself to become man has drawn a response from renowned evangelist and author Ray Comfort.

“Bill Nye is living in the same dream-world as Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and their cut-and-paste clone believers,” Comfort told WND. “These devotees believe in the fairytale of evolution and quote Einstein (who wasn’t an atheist) and Mark Twain (who wasn’t an atheist) as though they too denied God’s existence, when they didn’t.”

Nye’s ridicule for those to have faith in a Creator and His creation is contained in a YouTube Video titled “Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children.”

“Once in awhile I get people that claim they don’t believe in evolution,” he preaches. “My response is why not?”

He said if one doesn’t believe in evolution, “Your world view becomes untenable,” and forecast that “in a couple of centuries that worldview just won’t exist.”

But Comfort, whose books include “Intelligent Design vs. Evolution: Letters to an Atheist,” “Nothing Created Everything” and “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can’t Make Him Think,” was more amused than offended.

“To use the word ‘evolution’ and the word ‘science’ in the same sentence is the ultimate oxymoron,” said Comfort. “There’s nothing scientific about a theory that is based on blind faith.”

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