This wonderful word means a “dramatic change in form or appearance.” In today’s world, there are many areas of life that would benefit from a change. In fact, work, home, community and personal life all benefit from a targeted transformation effort. The transformation process often begins with a vision for something better. Low productivity, negative relationships, division within a neighborhood, or just simple dissatisfaction with some aspect of one’s life can be enough to get started. Once the mind begins to ponder what could be instead of what is, things get very interesting.

Some years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a group of visionaries in Michigan on a transformation project. We concluded that the relationships within our community of 200,000 people were strained and going in the wrong direction. In response, we decided to bring people together in a unique way. We called it 1000 Leaders. Over the course of several years, my team and I trained 1002 people from all walks of life including, business, industry, healthcare, education, church leaders, government and more. We ran a series of three day training sessions focusing on leadership, communication, productive relationships and much more. The result? High levels of transformation in relationship, trust, communication and the launch of hundreds of new initiatives designed to transform the community. Transformation…It all begins with a vision for what is possible.

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