Trials are No Match for God's Grace

Have you ever wondered, "Why is this happening to me?" It started on a coffee date with Lisa. There we were, setting up our computers, getting ready to talk about what was happening in our corner of the blog world.

It started with coffee and coffee ended it!

No sooner did I return with our drinks and I knocked over my 16 oz Americano directly onto the keyboard of my MacBook Pro. Who knew such a compact space could contain that much coffee!

Not good ... that's one brutally expensive Americano. Is this necessary?

Then, Lisa's iPad was stolen from the local library...

Then, I hit a deer with our van ... well over $4,000 in damage ...

Then Lisa's old laptop (what she was limping along with keeping her blog going) malfunctioned.

There's more, but you get the picture. All this happened within the last 12 days. Why?

Maybe your trials are of a more serious nature – like when our daughter was born with severe brain damage, or any number of excruciatingly difficult circumstances. You're feeling like you want to give up because God is against you.

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