The Tricky Thing About Praying for Your Spouse

Prayer can be perplexing at times, can't it? We know we should pray. We often say we will be praying. We believe prayer "works." We ask others to pray for us. But how often do we actually pray? We jump into it but also neglect it; we yearn for a powerful prayer life, but also fear we won't get it right.

Instead of actually praying, we read about prayer or look on Pinterest for great prayer ideas. We write our prayer lists, make prayer cards, and share quotes about prayer, but somehow we neglect to pray!

Praying for our spouse is no different.

We know we should pray for our spouse and for our marriage. We know that God can work in our relationships in ways we never could, but yet something keeps us from praying.

Whatever the reason – and I'm sure they are many and varied – did you know that prayer is a way of loving your spouse? Richard J. Foster reminds us in his book on prayer:

"If we truly love people, we will desire for them far more than it is within our power to give them, and this will lead us to prayer. Intercession is a way of loving others."

So how do we start?

Where to Start

If you want to develop the discipline of praying for your spouse but don’t know where to begin, pick up a resource, something that will give you a starting point. Sometimes all we need is help getting started.

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