trophiesmainThis week I did some house cleaning. This meant checking shelves, closets, and other storage spaces to clear a little space. With each item I came across, there were three options: Keep it. Give it away. Or ... throw it away.

I ended up with a short stack of items that I wanted to keep. Several birthday and Christmas cards from my parents and some handmade ones from my children. There is something special about a barely legible card [green and purple crayon] from your first grade daughter that says, "Daddy, I lov you."

The give-aways included books and articles of clothing. You know, pants and shirts made from fibers that somehow shrink while hanging in a closet for two years...

Then came the items to be thrown away. Some were easy. A few old cassette tapes ... no 8 tracks ... as well as a stack of ancient outdoor magazines that smelled like the inside of Shaq's sneakers. Not too hard to part with those.

I did have to stop and think through the fate of one item, though.

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