U.S. Government in the Book of Isaiah?

This week we start a weekly column focusing on prayer for our country. We'll share inspiring videos and prayers to encourage you to petition God to direct our country's people and its leaders. The videos will also challenge you to think more biblically about the direction of our nation and the hearts of its people.

Pause to Pray on Independence Day

Before we pause to pray on Independence Day, and before you watch today’s inspiring short video, let's remember God’s blessings and the biblical foundation of our nation.

Our country was founded by God-fearing men and women with biblical principles. There is no doubt that our founding fathers were God-fearing and Christ-following men. While skeptics claim that many of the founding fathers were simply deists who didn’t believe in Jesus, there is much evidence that their faith was in the Triune God of the Bible. Yes, they often spoke only using the name God, but prior to the late 20th century there was little question that they were referring to the Christian God.

A Biblical Pattern in Our Government

Our form of government was built upon biblical precepts and principles, reflecting God’s perfect pattern of rule. Before we look at a verse in Isaiah that so clearly defines our government, and even reveals the biblical pattern for our three branches of government, lets remember that Jesus reigns supreme. As Isaiah tells, “...the LORD is our Judge, the LORD is our Lawgiver, the LORD is our King...”

Jesus is Our Justifier

The verse in Isaiah speaks first of the Lord as our Judge. We know that Jesus is the righteous Judge in our justification. He is the One who gives salvation to repentant sinners who come to Him in faith.

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