Using Your Words to Build Your Marriage

My dad is a builder. Growing up, I remember my dad always building or rebuilding something. And he was (and still is) very good it. Whether it is a new roof, deck, remodeled room, or floor, he has a skill for taking raw materials and building something beautiful.

As wives, we are builders -- shaping and crafting our marriages to be something beautiful. In love, and with joy, we labor to build a marriage that brings honor to God. Like a skilled builder, we are careful, patient, thoughtful, and intentional.

One of the ways we build or rebuild a God-honoring marriage is with our words. The Bible teaches us that our words can be a tool for either life or death.

We'll either build our marriage or break it, with our words.

My husband would tell you that I love to talk! One of my very favorite things to do with my husband it to sit on the couch after the kids are in bed and talk. We talk about our dreams, ministry, our family, what needs to be done, the future, and a whole lot more!

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