Victory Begins at Home

I had an amazing childhood with loving parents, was raised in church, and attended a Christian school. The road to Christianity was clearly paved by the example of both my mom and dad. Yet at the age of twenty, I began to question whether my faith in God was real. Statistics suggest that the vast majority of children raised in Christian homes will turn their backs on Christianity by the time they are twenty-five. The shocking results of Ken Ham’s research suggest that many of our teens, while outwardly attending church with their parents, have "already gone" in their hearts. Today at age thirty-four, I look back in amazement at God's grace in my life, knowing that I considered walking away and becoming one of these statistics. I know that to most I am young, but I have lived long enough to know that any time a child turns out "right" it is because of God's grace.

I often hear parents of prodigals ask themselves, "Would our children have made different decisions if we had done a few things differently in our home?" "Would our hearts still be broken because our children turned away, or under different circumstances would they never have left in the first place?" "Are these results all my fault?"

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