Was the Cross "Plan B"?

planbmainWas Jesus's death on the Cross a result of God's best-laid plans gone wrong? Did human sin take God by surprise? Was there an emergency plan B forced upon the Creator of the universe after the Fall in Genesis? The question might be restated this way: Did the Bible's redemptive history in a fallen creation result from an eternally wise and powerful God's purposeful plans, or was it His attempt to remedy an unforeseen tragedy?

If the Fall in Genesis was a surprise to God, we would certainly have some major questions to ask. For instance, how could we be confident that another surprise won’t happen in the new heavens and earth yet to come? How could we be confident that God's plan of redemption will actually work?

To find these answers we must look into the subject of God's eternal wisdom and gain a miniscule glimpse of the riches of God's glory. There is, however, a word of warning. Many theologians through the ages have wrestled tirelessly as they have gazed into the eternal wisdom and counsels of a triune God. We can only dip our toe into this infinite ocean.

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