What are the Colors of Sin, Sorry, and Saved?


What are the colors of sin, sorry, and saved? (Teaching children about salvation.)


School’s out for summer and children fill their days with fun in the sun. But what about the rainy days? Trying to keep young children busy is always a challenge.

Let the rain from Heaven be a reminder and an opportunity to speak to your children about Jesus. Open the Bible and read them a story. Tell them about Jesus’ love, His life, His service, His miracles, His friends ... and more. Help them to understand that He is the Son of God and He is God! Help them to also understand who they are….sinners in need of a Savior.

Sin, Sorry and Saved

It’s not always easy to talk about sin with young children. But it is important. They need to understand what sin is, the consequences of sin and God’s provision for forgiving sin. Parents need to teach this to their children and they need to help them understand. Children are being confronted with the ways of the world at very young ages, so parents need to start in the toddler years to begin teaching them God’s truths and His ways.

Children certainly learn quickly what it is to do wrong. They hear “no-no” from the first time they reach for something they aren’t supposed to have. They also learn what it is to do good, when they receive smiles and praises from family and friends. The difference between doing good and doing bad is quickly learned, but so also is the remedy for bad behavior.

“I’m Sorry” Repentance

For young children, “I’m sorry” often wipes away the consequences of bad behavior. Parents are quick to forgive, and so they should be. But parents can also use their “I’m sorry” to begin teaching them about biblical repentance. Repentance is a big word. It’s one young children will not understand. So explain to children what saying “I’m sorry” to God really means. Help them to understand that it’s not just about getting out of trouble. It is a desire to not do wrong again. Keep it simple for children, but also keep it biblically true. Children can understand these things, when they are clearly explained. We know that because Jesus does save children!

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