What Are You Teaching Your Child About God?

The first words from a first born baby are just the best, aren't they? Our first child's first word was ... wait for it ... wait for it ... ball!

Yep, not original, but, girl, I wrote it down in the baby book, called my mom and was so excited I could have started a blog dedicated to his brilliance.

Then, he added words, but only a few. He called my husband "Dadda" and he could also say "up" when he wanted out of his crib.

What he did not say, even after 11 whole months of his growing vocabulary was ... mom ... mama ... nothing that in any way resembled a name for me. Me, you know, the woman who bears stretch marks ... the woman who gave him life?!

I was not a happy mom.

So, I tried to coax him, educate him, and train him, but the child would not call me mama. However, once I tuned in, I realized he was calling me a name. It just wasn't the name I was expecting.

Clayton was calling me ... again, wait for it ... wait for it ... God. Yes, God, as in the Creator, Master of the universe, Perfect and Holy One. I was mortified! How could he call me that when I am so not that?!

No matter how much I corrected him — "No, Clayton, not God, Mama ... say it, mama."

"God" was all he would say.

So, I gave up and just went along with it. By his first birthday, he finally began to call me mama.

I think I discovered why he called me God. At least this is my theory.

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