What I Learned About Parenting from Caroline Ingalls

"Country Girls!" I think anyone who's been a fan of Little House on the Prairie will remember those words. And we'll also remember the girl with her nose in the air that spoke them so freely. She was none other than Nellie Oleson, the girl who did what she wanted, said what she wanted, and ate all of the candy she wanted.

It was the second episode in the series, and possibly my favorite one of them all. Mary and Laura had just moved to Walnut Grove. Everything was new to them including the little school house that doubled as a chapel on Sundays. Hoping to fit into the crowd, the girl's were met with an obstacle clothed in a bright yellow dress and blonde ringlets. It was her mission to make their lives miserable, and so she attempted to do so, time and again.

Growing up, I read all the books. But since I tuned into the show year after year it's fair to say that it had a bigger impact on me than the books did. My vision of Caroline Ingalls will always be Karen Grassle, the woman behind the apron that made their house a home.

Years later, I still sit down to watch the show, but some things have changed. I'm watching with my own kids, and I'm seeing things from a different perspective. Little did I know back then that while I was watching this show I was gleaning important lessons on parenting. Since I was such a big fan, I suspect that these lessons have in part affected the way that I parent my children.

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