What If NASA Finds Life On Mars?

Once again we find the science news buzzing with images of the surface of Mars. I heard one late night comedian say that Mars looked just like California, dry, barren and full of hidden aliens.

While the description may have been made in gest, it does describe the real purpose for the NASA mission to the red planet. The two main purposes are to find evidence of water and life, especially life.

Evolutionists have been trying to find the source of life on earth ever since the theory began to gain acceptance. Somewhere, somehow, some time ago, life had to start.

Many still believe that the first life miraculously formed in a slimy organic slop several billion years ago. In a toxic methane atmosphere, a lightning bolt struck the lucky puddle and the chemicals necessary for life began to form. Eventually, more and more of this complex molecules formed until one day, a membrane formed around them and the first the cell was born

But those that understand biology and chemistry know that the very environmental conditions necessary to create the organic molecules necessary for life also breaks them down as fast as they form. The only way they are formed and collected in the lab is to have a distillation chamber that collects the molecules and protects them from the hostile environment that created them. Then you still have the problem of chirality of the molecules along with the problem of an impermeable membrane and how the right chemicals can enter the cell and others excreted from the cell.

Honest evolutionists will admit that the basic law of biology states that life cannot arise from non-life, so the formation of life from a prebiotic soup here on earth is impossible. They can’t deny their religious belief in evolution, so if life could not have originated here on earth, the only direction they have left to turn is outer space.

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