What Is Important to a Toddler?

importanttoddlermainToddlers are people. If a toddler suddenly realizes that a sibling has his favorite toy, his immediate interpretation might be that something is very wrong with his world. The toddler may burst out crying or he may decide to retrieve his toy even if he has to fight for it. His response flows from his interpretation of his circumstances. For a young child, a toddler, being satisfied is important. Problems arise because, just as with older children and adults, things do not bring lasting satisfaction.

In order to give or receive satisfaction in human relationships, you must first be satisfied in your relationship with Christ. That means resting completely in Christ's care for you. It means not judging the quality of your relationship with Christ by the circumstances of your life.

What does this have to do with toddlers? Simply this: things don't satisfy; Christ-centered relationships do. Even though the spiritual condition of your toddler is uncertain, you can bring the certainty and stability of your own relationship with Christ to your toddler. God wants you to talk about him with all of your children, even -- and perhaps, especially -- with your toddlers. Toddlers need relational comfort and stability. This stability must come from their parents.

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