What It Means to Be Well

I stood on the deck overlooking Table Rock Lake as a pontoon boat motored by. It revved and choked and whirred and roared and the lake started dancing! The waters lapped onto the shore and wave after wave swayed the dock so it rattled and squeaked.

I listened as the water stirred and wondered how long it would last.

As I listened, I thought how much I wished I could run down, sit on the edge of the dock, and feel the whirling waters tickle my ankles.

But I couldn't. My physical blindness kept me stuck on the deck until someone was with me to make the quick jaunt down to the lake's edge.

That's when I thought of the man in the gospel of John.

He was paralyzed.

Every single day of his life, he was stuck on a mat right beside the pool of Bethesda. Back in his day, people believed that when the waters of the pool stirred, anyone who could get into the water would be healed. For 38 years, he sat by that water because he wanted to be healed.

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