What Says Love in Your Marriage?

howdoyoulovemainHe was a young wife's dream. And he knew it.

So you can imagine his manly frustration when I burst into tears, "Why can't you just love me?"

"LOVE YOU?! Listen, Sweetheart, (although his tone didn't match the word in the least). There's nothing I haven't done for you around here. I've vacuumed. Cleaned the bathroom. Even mopped the kitchen floor."

"So...?" (I couldn't see what this had to do with anything).

Then he got that funny look in his eyes. Like he might very well be losing his mind. And somehow I had something to do with it.

I attempted to explain. "Don't you get it? I don't care about those things. I'm fine doing all the housework. What would make me feel loved is if...you'd take me out for coffee."

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Are you telling me that I've been working my fingers to the bone and all you want is a latte??" (If he had been a swearing man, this would have been the moment).

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