What Started the Ice Age?

iceagemainGeophysicists have a love-hate relationship with "the Ice Age" (the popular term for a series of ice ages that supposedly struck the earth every 100,000 years). On one hand, they believe they can prove that small fluctuations in the sun's heating over millions of years coincide with the coming and going of ice ages. Yet they can't figure out how such minor blips in solar heat could cause thick ice sheets to cover half the globe every 100,000 years.

They suggest that other factors must be at play. Perhaps minor changes in the distance and angle to the sun work like a pacemaker to regulate the ebb and flow of ice ages. But they can't seem to identify a mechanism that could take such minor variations and amplify them enough to produce an Ice Age.

Perhaps their models don't work because they don't begin with the Bible.

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