What to Make of Marriage in "Downton Abbey"

downtonabbeymainLike much of Britain and America, we here at Christ and Pop Culture love us some Downton Abbey, the Julian Fellowes television series that traces the lives of a family of English nobles and their servants over the course of the early twentieth century.

One of the most recent exchanges on the series came in dueling articles published at The Atlantic. On February 6, Meghan Lewit contended that the "show is terrible at romance" and that stable if bickering marriages have replaced the far more dramatically interesting torrid passions of the earlier seasons. A day later, Jennie Rothenberg Gritz fired back, asserting that "the current season of Downton Abbey is arguably the most interesting of all," because it shows its characters now in mature, committed relationships forced to navigate the daily vicissitudes of life.

From both a critical and a Christian perspective, I'm with Gritz on this one.

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