What "Voice" Did You Put Inside Your Child's Head Today?

The Voice. Every person has one – that internal message center that speaks nonstop into the mind and heart, informing the "listener" of who she is, what he does, and what others think about him/her.

In the quiet moments of your child's life, what are the thoughts he has about himself?

What does the voice inside your child's head say?

You are a worthwhile person.

You are lazy.

You are smart.

You are handsome.

You are stupid.

You are careless.

You are clumsy.

You are ugly

You are a great helper

You are fun to be around

You're a wimp

You are stubborn

You are needed in this family

You can't do anything right

You're really messy

The Voice inside your child's head is constantly delivering messages. What is it saying?

The internal voice everyone hears is powerful. That power builds up or tears down. The internal voice defines a child's self-perception and consequently, his/her life.

How did those voices get there?

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