What Will You Do with Dinosaurs?

Of all the topics at the heart of the creation-evolution debate, perhaps none better encapsulates the issue than the question of dinosaurs. These fascinating animals — known mostly from fossil evidence — inspire awe and wonder in almost everyone; they sell millions of books and DVDs; and they captivate children like nothing else. But the question is this: what will you do with dinosaurs? Theories are easy to come by. Some well-meaning Christians once believed that dinosaur fossils were placed in the ground to test the faith of believers. Evolutionists, on the other hand, once told us that the fossil record proved that dinosaurs lived and died out millions of years ago — later, this same fossil record proved that dinosaurs did not die out, but evolved into birds. Beyond that, there are others who claim that dinosaurs may, in fact, have somehow survived to the present day.

With so many ideas and beliefs, it's tough to discern the truth from the noise. But what if the answer is not as mysterious as it seems? What if there is an eye-witness account of what happened to the dinosaurs?

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