What Will You Live for in 2016?

Every December 31st, we become time conscious. But time is slippery, temporary. What will our time be like this next year? News shows, books, internet articles, friends tell us there is much to worry about in 2016: terrorists, the elections, the economy, the climate, social unrest. We are told any one of these things may impact the quality of life and how long we may live. But as Paul says, don't focus on what is temporary, but focus on eternity. Faith has to do with eternity. This means that faith is rooted not in time and what happens in time. Faith is rooted in the person and character of God!

Faith is not primarily about everything working out. Faith is about knowing and pursing the person of God. So Jesus says to seek first his kingdom and righteousness, the things that are connected to the character of God.

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