Young people, especially young males, suffer from three primary ills. Hopelessness, Fatherlessness and Godlessness. Here’s the good news. With a great deal of commitment and effort all three can be remedied.

Hopelessness is best attacked by the creation of an achievable vision for the future and then learning the key skills that make the envisioned future possible.

Fatherlessness is overcome when committed dads and male mentors engage with young men at a deep level and provide them with mentoring, training, discipline, affirming words, appropriate touch, and a rite of passage.

The final challenge, Godlessness, is addressed when the fathers and other mentors demonstrate a love for their creator, an appreciation for traditions of the church, and when they model what it means to be men that live by faith. Young people want to follow trusted and respected role models…we just need to show them some.

We adults have three options when we finally realize the challenges facing our youth:

  1. Ignore them…perhaps things will just get better somehow.
  2. Talk about them…perhaps many words will transform young hearts and minds. Or ...
  3. Do something about them ... by strategically engaging with others that share a passion for the next generation.

I'd encourage anyone interested in helping young people to develop a personal vision, and then learn the skills needed to achieve it, to visit the Youth Training (MITI) section of Brian D. Molitor's website. You will see what is possible when adults take the time to train up the next generation. You’ll be inspired. Those interested in helping to turn the tide of fatherlessness can visit the Fatherhood and Family (Malachi Global Foundation) section of Brian's website to learn how to provide what young men desperately need -- A committed father or male role model.

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