What's Your Judas Experience?

We all have a Judas experience in which someone we care about, or deeply love, has betrayed us in some way. Perhaps it was a breach of confidence or trust, or maybe you were grievously betrayed and your heart was broken. Betrayal can be devastating. Jesus taught us a great lesson about this in His final hours with His disciples. This Sunday begins Holy Week – the time in which we remember Jesus' final days on earth and His death, burial and resurrection. His journey to the cross began in Bethlehem, came into view on the day we call Palm Sunday and was finished when Jesus spoke His final words.

As we celebrate Palm Sunday, consider the events of that day. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people hailed Him as King, and yet this King did not wear regal attire, nor was He accompanied by soldiers and servants to protect and care for Him. This King did not ride on a horse. Instead He came into the city of Jerusalem, just as He entered into the town of Bethlehem ... under humble circumstances.

The days before the crucifixion are recorded in the four Gospels. In these accounts we are given great insight into Jesus' thoughts, words and actions during His final days of teaching and serving on earth. A most significant event, so beautifully recorded for our learning, was Jesus' last supper with His disciples.

The Bible tells us that this supper took place on the evening of Nisan 14, the day of preparation for the Passover feast day. Jesus gathered with His 12 disciples and shared a meal with them in the upper room of the home of a friend. At this meal, Jesus proclaimed that one who was present with them would betray Him (John 13:21) and hand Him over to the authorities to be killed.

Prior to making this statement, Jesus had humbled Himself and taken on the role of a servant ... washing the feet of those present. In doing this, He washed the feet of all 12 disciples, including Judas the one who would betray Him.

What must Jesus have thought when He stooped to wash Judas' feet and He looked up into his eyes, knowing the evil intent in His heart. It would be just a short time later that Judas would betray the Son of Man with a kiss. Consider the love that Jesus had for such an unworthy man.

Would you, could you, have that kind of sacrificial love for someone, if you knew the person was about to betray you?

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