When a Black Woman Married a White Man

blackwomanmarriedmainIt's interesting that something so commonplace and natural to me can be such a mystery to others. You see, I'm a black woman married to a white man. For many -- perhaps more than would like to admit -- my marriage is viewed as radical, strange, or even unbiblical. People are confused about interracial relationships and this was made clear in a recent "Ask Pastor John" podcast.

A listener wrote in to ask an important question: "Can a white woman marry a black man?" I applaud the bravery of this woman because instead of remaining confused she searched for wisdom. What may have been surprising was that the podcast generated many hits. To me this indicated that there are others who are searching for answers. And the real question is: why wouldn't interracial marriage be okay?

Not That Long Ago

Some may think that because it's 2013 we in the United States should be past racial confusion and prejudice. But the racial divisions in this country are deep-rooted and significant changes didn't occur until only 50 years ago. Interracial marriage was illegal in many states until 1967. Think about that for a moment. That is the generation of most of our parents and grandparents.

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