When Life Hurts

Adam left you a legacy of hurt. There is joy because the second Adam, Jesus, has rescued you from Adam's dark web. But while you remain on earth the tentacles of Adam's choice cling to your flesh. Hardship and pain are punctuated by pangs of failure, betrayal, guilt and jaded visions of what might have been. But here we meet the power of the gospel! God never abandons you, even in times of deep sadness. The Apostle Paul writes eloquently of this mixture of Adam’s legacy and Christ's redeeming power. His words are printed for you below. Paul knew a mixture of hope and discouragement, joy and sadness, life and death. Jesus has gone before you and he now walks with you. He leads you where he as already walked. He chose to experience all of the ugliness of life so that he could care for you in your hurt. You can know Christ and the power of his gift of redemption and life to you.

You cannot shield your children from Adam's reach. But you can show them the beauty of redemption. You can show them that joy and sorrow can mix together for good.

Your can't prevent your children from knowing the sadness of losing a pet, from the betrayal of friend, from the hurt of losing a parent. You cannot always keep them from the pain of the consequences of their sin. But you can always show them Christ. You can live before them the reality that Adam did not have the final word.

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