When Should You Start Treating Your Kid Like An Adult

Interesting comment I heard from a mom yesterday. She and I had each driven a 15-passenger van full of young children, to our beautiful church camp in Montana. Our summer church staff was in charge, made up of seven high school and college students. “I was a little worried when I saw that there weren’t any adults in charge of all these kids,” she said. “They did great, though.”

I knew what she was thinking: A bunch of teenagers to take care of little kids at a lake camp all day?

But let me tell you something, there were four 19-year-olds in that group and a few older high schoolers, and they did an incredible job with all of those kids. The staff was organized, attentive, and kind. If you have ever tried to manage a herd of small children, you would have been impressed at how smoothly they transitioned the kids from one activity to another.

I knew they would do an incredible job, and I was right.

So I was thinking about this, and there’s a behind-the-scenes look you need to have. I’ve watched this group grow up, and don’t you want to know how they became such responsible leaders?

Here’s the thing –our youth leaders at church, along with the kids’ parents, gave them a lot of responsibility as they were teenagers. All of the staff had, at some point, been a part of teams that had gone to serve people somewhere, locally and even out of state and abroad. They had also been given responsibility to lead within the youth activities at church.

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