When There’s Nowhere to Run from Our Fun

runfromfunmainWednesday night the New America Foundation hosted a debate on the resolution "Your Smartphone has Hijacked Your Life." It was a rich discussion and very well moderated, wide-ranging over a number of the social and personal costs and benefits we derive from these miraculous devices, so well worth watching. Say, on the ustream app on your phone.

Throughout the discussion, though, one particular thread of an idea seemed to reemerge from time to time in various forms, and understandably so, as it is perhaps one of the distinguishing features of life in the smartphone era.

Smartphones are always, and they are everywhere.

The evening opened with this reflection from Andrés Martinez about his recent President's Day getaway with his son to Mexico:

On one of the nights after my 8-year old son had gone to sleep I sat out on the balcony, listened to the waves crashing, and caught up on Facebook, which I hadn't done in a while…I felt more connected, paradoxically, with friends and family, on vacation far away because I had this time carved out to catch up. And because I'm kind of a geek at heart, and have a hard time kind of shutting down while on vacation, I also on Sunday checked my twitter feed and the New York Times app to get the latest on immigration reform debates ... I felt I had watched the Sunday talk shows myself, sitting there in Cancun.

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