When to Watch Over Our Marriage

watchmarriagemainPlease don't misunderstand.

I trust my husband. Implicitly.

Quite honestly, he's never given me any reason to doubt him. So you can see why it caught him off-guard when I voiced my concern.

I told him I was uneasy about the lunch plans he had for that day. He was meeting one of his clients at The Gallery where they serve up some of the best fajitas in our small town. It was the usual kind of appointment, nothing special. As a literary agent, he often meets with authors to go over their books and contracts. It's all part of the job.

Except this particular client happened to be a woman -- an intelligent and attractive woman -- and it felt a bit funny to me.

I'm not saying I was downright jealous ... merely uncomfortable with the plan.

Then he reminded me that the lunch was taking place in a public restaurant. That he was in no way attracted to this woman. That he would always and forever be faithful to me.

And I believed him.

But it didn't change how I felt about it.

Now maybe you're wondering if I've watched too many movies (perhaps). Or you suspect I have certain trust issues (not that I know of?). Or maybe - just maybe - it's that I've observed a number of marital tragedies around us over the years. So have grown slightly paranoid. That's another distinct possibility.

Well, in any case, I sure didn't like it.

Here's how I put it to him....

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