When Valentine's Day Expectations Trip You Up

Valentine's Day in elementary school rocked. Back then the only downside was creating the Valentine's box. Every year I tried to make these outlandish boxes that inevitably failed, and then my dad would come to the rescue and do damage control on my box super-late the night before Valentine's Day. How awesome was it that Valentine's Day at school was basically one big candy exchange?!

I love you, you love me ... here's some candy. That's about all we expected, right?

As women – single or married — our expectations get a little more complex though.

We may picture candlelit dinners, rose petals on the floor, classical music mysteriously coming out of the walls (or, whatever other cliché image comes to mind when you think of a romantic Valentine's Day). We have a secret expectation that someone will or, at least someone should, turn February 14 into something extraordinary for us.

The problem with these expectations is that they are often unrealistic. My husband is truly a great guy. He still makes my heart leap; I want to spend all my free time with him. He’s selfless and makes me want to love the Lord more and he serves me so well.

But, even though he's all those things, we don't live in a scripted Hollywood romantic comedy.

The cultural expectations on women and men (either in relationships or not) simply aren't realistic when we are two very human people without makeup artists, clever scripts, and a soundtrack to go with our lives.

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