When We Don't Want to Wait

whenyoudontwanttowaitmainWhere in the world is it? I couldn't find my electric beard trimmer. I opened the sink cabinets and moved around a few bath towels. Still nothing. Inanimate objects don't grow legs and walk away (my mother used to say), but this was gone. I decided to forget it and move on after searching around ten seconds.

But then it dawned on me...

I have mistaken accessibility as actuality. What I mean is, functionally, because the beard tool wasn't right there I acted as if it wasn't real. Because it wasn't accessible, I pretended it didn't exist.

The Problem with Impatience

It does exist, though. I really do own one. I've seen it before. I've used it. But because it wasn't right there when I wanted it -- because there were a few hurdles inhibiting its immediate usefulness -- I ignored it.

Do you ever do this? Something isn't easy and therefore we act like it doesn't deserve our time. Because it's not one click away, it might as well be false. Has our web-warped brains burned up what little patience we had left for simple tasks? And if so, are there any problematic implications? Say, for instance, in the Christian life?

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