When You Feel Discouraged: A Scripture Pep Talk

It’s so easy to get discouraged, isn’t it? Life hits us hard and trials last too long and we just get worn out trying to stand firm in faith. Or, sometimes we are in the thick of doing good, serving God and it just seems like progress is slow, our confidence is low and discouragement is high. I’ve felt discouraged for both reasons lately. I’ve felt overwhelmed and under-qualified to rise to the demands of ministry. I’ve fallen into a confidence crisis and just plain felt defeated. And, at the same time, my sweet Dad has been in the hospital, fighting pain and infection. My mom is worn out caring for him and instead of things getting better, they just seem to get worse. As soon as we see some progress, the next day, his fever spikes and our hope deflates. It is just downright discouraging.

I know you’ve felt discouraged too.

When you’re discouraged, what do you do? Do you find a friend to give you a pep talk? Or do you look in the mirror and spout some “you can do it!” kind of self-talk?

Sometimes you just can’t get the fuel or encouragement you need from your people or your own perspective. Sometimes the words you need won’t come from your lips or the lips of a friend. Sometimes the only words that will give you the umph you need when you’re discouraged, are God’s words.

So, instead of randomly opening my Bible app to read something to lift me up, I created my own Scripture pep talk! I intentionally found verses in the Bible that boost me when I’m down or fearful or worried and put them all together as one, big beautiful message!

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