When Your Spouse Works Too Much

I live with a man who works a lot. As the senior web developer for a growing company, my husband Ted is on call 24/7. Even on weekends, vacation days, and date nights, there's no guarantee he won't have to address a pressing, must-be-fixed-now issue, let alone an important, should-be-fixed-now issue.

Some days I handle the constant demands of his job beautifully. I'm the picture of a supportive, understanding wife.

Other days, not so much. Even though I'm grateful that Ted has a job and a good one at that, there are days I struggle with the toll it's slowly taken on our marriage the last few years.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe your spouse works a lot too.

Perhaps he or she's not on call 24/7. Instead, it could be that your spouse travels frequently, or works 12 or 24-hour shifts. Maybe you're even the spouse of an active service member who's currently deployed. If so, you might be thinking, "So what that your husband's job interrupts date nights. At least you get date nights. My spouse is overseas."

While our situations and circumstances may vary, each of us understands too well that long hours and irregular work schedules can be hard on marriage. These work-related variables make it more difficult to connect regularly and consistently.

So how can you and I be supportive of our spouse's career without sacrificing our marriages? Here are three things I'm learning to practice.

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