Which Came First—Teeth or Scales?

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body. But enamel also protects the scales of some fish. In fact, regardless of shape, the scales of many fish both living and extinct have a tooth-like bony core and a covering of hard enamel or enamel-like material. For Bible-believers who accept God's Word that He created all kinds of living things in the space of a couple of days about 6,000 years ago, this is not exactly a bulletin. After all, why wouldn’t a wise Creator use a good design, like enamel, to provide a hard protective covering in more than one place? But among those who reject God's Word and substitute a naturalistic scenario to explain the origin of all things, this chicken-and-egg question has long been debated. Did teeth evolve from scales? Or scales from teeth?

Since evolutionists think fish are the ancestors of all terrestrial vertebrates, the question for them is not whether our smile has a fishy origin but rather which fishy part first acquired armor. Because the idea that God created teeth, scales, and enamel at the same time is not an acceptable answer to them, they claim each enameled fish fossil clarifies the confusion.

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