Who Else Needs a War Room?

Laughter bubbles up from the living room, with my six year old's squeals piercing through the serenity of classical music I'm enjoying. When I look down over the railing onto the scene below, I see my two smallest sons tumbling about like bear cubs, with our newest polar-bear puppy dancing around the pile and occasionally jumping atop the pillows and blankets they've wrapped one another in. They play at fighting, typical boys joyfully expressing their boy-ness. This afternoon I attended a showing of War Room, a new movie highlighting the need for Christians to spend time in concentrated, strategic prayer. We all can take a look at the culture we live in, our own country, our communities, churches and indeed inside our own walls and recognize that we live in a time of war.

Do we behave as if we are living in the light of that recognition? Or are we merely playing at it?

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