Who Gets Your Best?

whogetsbestmainShortly after getting the kids to bed, which sometimes is as late as 9:00 p.m., a usual occurrence is for my wife and I to retire to our separate desks. She to the home office, me to the couch. It's been a long day, and we both need a breather.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time our "breathers" happen apart from each other.

It's hard to muster the energy and strength to spend time engaging in a relationship after a long hard day fighting spreadsheets, meetings, customers, and expense reports. For my wife, it's the exhaustion of four kids, each with their own unique way of depleting what little energy she has at the end of the day. So, after the kids go to bed, we're done.

The two of us meeting together for a budget meeting? Fat chance.

Discussing our weekend plans? That can wait.

Pursuing each other sexually? Unfortunately, sometimes that too dips too much into the reserves.

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