Who is in Control?

Life is about control. Specifically, who is in control. It starts at birth. Babies naturally want to be fed, dry and know comfort. When one of these conditions is not met, who is in control becomes an issue. Later on there is a toy that is appealing, someone’s attention that is desired, and yes, feelings of hunger still matter. Teenagers want control of their time, of how they are perceived, and the lives of those they may be attracted to. Adults want control of outcomes: things like income, relationships, personal appearance, political elections. And as age moves on the focus shifts to more immediate issues — how much longer will I live. In the end, it comes full circle; once again control comes down to being fed, being dry and wanting comfort. Humans labor mightily for control. Some will continue to fight to be in control till their last breath. For others, once that battle appears to be lost despair, depression, disillusionment and discouragement settle in. And then there are those in the middle — fighting for control and feeling it slip away.

The human quest for control will end in tyranny or depression. The simple truth is that humans were not designed to be in control. History painfully records this truth.

Control is a God thing!

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