The assault on the innocence of the next generation is unceasing. The good news is that children are resilient; the bad news is that they have to be way too often under the crushing weight of the world. But, there is great hope. I read somewhere that one person could take on 1000 enemies and by just adding one more person, their combined strength would allow them to defeat ten times that number. Wow! I like those odds. So, let’s join together and fight for…not with…our children.

Some time ago, I was nearly overwhelmed with the task at hand and wrote the following poem hoping to call a few more warriors into the fight.

The Endless Days of War

The call went out for warriors from near to distant shore The children were in trouble and they suffered evermore

The war was not their choosing, yet they’re in it just the same Without a strong protector, they’ll be broken, bruised and maimed

From the moment of conception, the enemy has them in his sights He looks for ways to wound them and attacks both day and night

There is rarely room for refuge when at school, at home, or play For he searches out the slightest cracks in defenses night and day

A careless curse, a cruel word, a push, a blow or shove All combine to drain the joy, and leave children craving love

His filth is spread through airways; it breeds in cyberspace His hope is to put poison in front of each child’s face

He hates our sons and daughters and he comes in many forms He tempts and taunts with guilt and shame ’til they wish they’d not been born

“You are ugly and you’re stupid” says he in whispered tones “Your so-called friends all hate you and there’s no love for you at home”

“There is no god in heaven; there’s no hope for you down here There is no use in time spent praying empty words that no one hears”

“To numb your pain is wisdom, just block it out somehow But better yet, why not forget by ending it right now?”

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