The Whole Counsel of God

Unbelievers often claim the Bible is confusing or even contradictory. Sometimes their questions are sincere, giving us the opportunity to offer a gospel-centered response. At other times they are simply trying to discredit Scripture from a heart of unbelief. Of course, believers may have honest questions, too. How do we clear up the confusion for those who simply want to know the truth? Studying the overall purpose of God and the larger picture of the whole Bible is essential to understanding the specifics. Let’s review a few principles of hermeneutics -- Bible interpretation -- regarding the larger context of each passage. These principles will help us rightly understand confusing passages.

First, we should allow Scripture to interpret Scripture -- the clear texts of God’s Word help us understand the unclear texts.

For example, in Deuteronomy 24 God seems to condone divorce, yet in Luke 16:18 Christ associates divorce with adultery. Reading Matthew 19:3–12 gives the explanation: divorce was not God's intent from the beginning, and divorce and remarriage for any reason other than sexual immorality is adultery.

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