Who's Your # 1 Priority: Your Spouse or Kids?

prioritymainSo, if you're married and have children, who's your first priority -- your spouse or the kids?

Entertainment reporter and reality TV personality Giuliana Rancic sparked something of a controversy last week when she said she puts her marriage first over motherhood. Her comments made headlines across the nation and spurred a debate over how couples should prioritize relationships.

It's a good conversation to have.

Mrs. Rancic says she puts her husband, Bill, first because "the best thing we can do for him [son Edward Duke] is have a strong marriage."

She has her supporters -- one commenter to an online story said, "Putting your marriage first gives the child a stable, loving home to grow up in," while others pointed out that some marriages fall apart when spouses stop making each other a priority.

Critics on the other side of this issue say couples should make the children the center of the home -- after all a marriage may not last, they say, but you're a parent forever.

That's what you call cynicism.

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