Why Every Marriage Needs a Spoonful of Sugar

teaspoonofsugarmainRemember when you were sick as a child? My mind flashes back to my mom holding a spoonful of medicine along with a cup of juice to wash it down. Not that it even tasted that bad. Kids' medicine isn't like adult medicine. It comes in an assortment of flavors from grape to bubble gum to make the medicine more tolerable.

Now I'm the mom and just the other day, as I was giving a spoonful of medicine to my 6-year-old daughter, a thought crossed my mind, A spoonful of sugar does go a long way to help the medicine go down. I suppose that's true in marriage too.

Sweetness and tenderness goes a long way when you want to communicate something difficult or awkward to your spouse.

Something that wouldn't normally taste good.

We're flawed, human beings so naturally we are all going to need some medicine along the way -- and I'm not just talking about aspirin. We need "medicine" to correct us emotionally and spiritually at times. Correction from a spouse can be a bitter pill, yet it is a necessary ingredient to a growing, thriving marriage.

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