Why Marriage and Diamonds are So Much Alike

I got to thinking this week about diamonds. Multi-faceted ones to be exact, and how they remind me of marriage. If you ever hold one up to the light you'll notice that some parts gleam while others are shadowed.

In the same way some parts of our marriage shine brighter than others.

I remember back to the days we were dating, when romance took center stage. Hearts were a flutter as little by little we got to know each other. There was mystery, uncertainty, deep adoration, and absolute joy. Little did we realize that romance was merely one blessing of many we’d be sharing together.

And then we got married. Soon after that we bought our first home, then we had children, started a company, joined a new church… and the blessings went on… Each time one blessing stepped up to the spotlight, others were shadowed.

It's easy to elevate one aspect of our marriage. It's tempting to idolize the best parts and to turn our back on those parts that are stressful, uncertain, and taxing. But here's the thing — God wants us to rejoice through our trials. He sees the big picture. God knows that the trying of our faith works patience, and he sees the beauty in a life abandoned to Him.

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