Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

womancanthavealllargeTwo days ago I went to a speaking event with guest Anne-Marie Slaughter, who was interviewed by Rebecca Traister of Big Girls Don't Cry. Slaughter wrote a famous piece for The Atlantic titled, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," which is one of the most shared articles in the publications history at 209,000 Facebook shares alone.

It was a free discussion, with about 40 women in attendance, nestled in a cosmopolitan private screening room at The Core Club off Park Ave. There was swank lighting, comfy seats, and delicious mini sandwiches so beautiful one felt real pressure to use the embellished silver tongs provided, despite clear finger food status. Almost all the women in attendance were white. From my seat in the middle back I couldn't help but notice how shiny everyone's hair was -- yes indeed, these women were groomed. I fidgeted in my head-to-toe thrift store get up, but reassured myself that my hair looked just as good as these women's.

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