Why You Should Always Wear Your Wedding Ring

How important can a wedding ring be in a society that's all about individuality and self-expression? It's a fun part of the wedding, especially for women, but does it really matter? And for many others, isn’t a wedding ring just an outdated symbol of ownership? I knew a man once who regularly removed his wedding ring when going out with the guys. Was he planning on being unfaithful to his wife? No, I'd never do that! But he loved exchanging looks and conversation with women who thought he was single and attractive.

After all, just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu, right? There was no intention of having sex with that other person. What harm could there be in a little frisky conversation? So goes the logic of the flesh (on the road to Hell).

Maybe you're not that guy (or woman) but you just don't see the importance of wearing your wedding ring all the time. You're committed, all the way, and your wife/husband knows it – never needs to doubt it – because when it comes to your marriage commitment, it's rock-solid. No ring could ever add to what you both know is already there.

There's some truth in this kind of thinking. A wedding ring doesn’t make you more married than you already are. The one person on earth to whom my wedding ring is least important is the person to whom the symbol applies. Don’t get me wrong, Lisa wants me to wear my wedding ring and I do, all the time. I'm one of those who never takes it off. But, it's not me she's concerned about. There's a sense in which the last person who needs me to wear my wedding ring is my wife. It's not really for her.

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