Why You Should Put Your Own Mask On First

Over my years of Air travel, I've accumulated well over 100,000 miles! Although those miles have taken me to lots of different places, there is one thing all those airlines and all those flight attendants have in common ... those safety briefings!!

Some flight attendants announce the safety instructions with perfect diction and drama. Some mumble their way through the 5 minute predictable discourse. And, some drone on so long that it makes me wish for a power outage and those little red lights to illuminate the floor leading to an emergency exit so I could get out of there!!

I know the job of informing passengers is important, I just think it's humorous how many different presentation styles there are!

But, no matter the style or script, the flight attendant always instructs you to "put on your mask first before assisting the passenger next to you."

If there is a sudden change in pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the compartment above you. Each passenger is instructed how to pull it toward you, place it over your nose and mouth, and strap it on! You are told to put on your mask first because if you try to help someone else get their mask on while you are gasping for air and turning blue, you won't be any help at all!

It isn't selfish or self-serving to put your mask on first. Rather, it is wise stewardship of your energy and abilities.

The same applies to our lives. If we never put on our own mask first, we will wear out from trying to help others.

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