Will His Power Work in You in 2014?

At this time of year it's always interesting to hear people reflect on what has transpired the last year and then what resolutions will be in place for the new year. During this time of reflection, we try to learn from the past and go forward with a renewed purpose. I will pray more, I will lose weight, I will work out more, I will appreciate my spouse more, I will not take for granted what the Lord has blessed me with ... to name a few. All great intentions, but as we grow older we realize those resolutions usually do not last long and all too often we fall back to our old habits. As I reminisced today about 2013 and imagined what 2014 will bring, I had a good friend send me a verse that resonated in my mind as one of the best New Year's resolution I have ever read; and it's given to us by His Word. This resolution is for us yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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