Will the Spouse Who Wants to Feel Valued and Appreciated Please Identify Yourself?

If you happen by the Jacobson house some day and we're all in the kitchen clamoring like robin chicks waiting for worms, it's a pretty safe bet that another batch of Lisa's famous wheat bread is almost ready to slice and spread with warm butter. A long time ago, Lisa determined to produce The Best Wheat Bread on Planet Earth and everyone who has had it agrees: she succeeded! If this is beginning to sound like a "good husband praising his wife" article, it's not. The "good husband" is basically missing.

But I'm not missing. I'm there, right in the center of it.

Wish I hadn't been ... so does Lisa.


Here's the scene: Lisa has just made bread. The entire house is filled with the euphoric aroma that reaches up your nostrils, caressing your brain while whispering over and over again ... come get me. I could eat a whole loaf (is that wrong?)

Now, prior to making bread, my industrious wife wrote and published two articles. While waiting for the bread to rise, she orchestrated a house cleaning party involving the youngest to the oldest. She, herself, was vacuuming and packing around the various random things every mom picks up and puts away about 4 million times a day. In a word, everything was perfect.

And then, guess who shows up!

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