Win the World with Hope

An unbelieving friend of mine, with whom I have been communicating the gospel over the years, returned from a business trip to India. It must not have been a particularly pleasant trip, because when I asked him how it went, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Your God cannot exist. If he did, the massive misery that plagues this country would not be present." He didn't specify what he saw, but sometimes the sheer weight of sin and evil in the world can easily discourage any enthusiasm for evangelism, or for defending the Christian faith.

But biblical eyeglasses require that Christians be hopeful people.

The Theological Virtue of Hope

I vividly remember speaking to a seasoned apologist in my early days as a Christian. I was going on and on about the state of the world and the challenges of defending Christianity in such a hostile environment. I will never forget this Christian warrior turning to me, with a finger shaking in my face, saying, "No Christian has the right to be a pessimist." This was a man who knew, and lived, the hope of Christ.

The eyeglasses of Holy Scripture change our vision of the world. No other eyeglasses can give us a proper view of the world — not the daily news, or a poignant movie, or a great novel. Looking through other glasses is like looking at yourself in a carnival mirror — the world looks distorted and all out of proportion. A 20/20 vision of the world is only possible with Scriptural lenses.

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