Words Matter

For most men, words don't come easy. We've all heard or read the statistics; women use more words than men. Men are more than comfortable watching a game, sitting shoulder to shoulder, grunting, cheering, and occasionally offering a fist-bump. Not exactly meaningful or sophisticated, but we still call it communication.

Words matter.

One of the things we learn at the very beginning of the Bible is that God speaks. He not only uses words, he is the author of words. Unlike us, in our fallen and sinful state, when God speaks, he does so in a truly creative, powerful, instructive, and redemptive way.

In Genesis chapter 1, we see the phrase "And God said," nine times. God doesn't just speak at his creation; he speaks into and over his creation.

Light bursts forth from darkness.

Beauty springs up out of the chaos.

Order emerges from disorder.

Out of the nothingness, God's words create life.

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