You Caught the Dog!

Today's funny (or very stressful) Dad moment. I'm sitting in my chair, reading a book. I look out to see my son Luke fishing off the end of this dock by the chairs. Ten yards out in the water is Sparky the dog, paddling in a circle with a small, green fishing bobber following closely behind him.

As Sparky swims away, the distance between him and the bobber never changes. Horror of horrors, I realize what's happened.

Luke excitedly thinks he has a big fish in the line, when I yell, "Luke! Stop! You caught the dog!!" In an attempt to release his catch, he tries to reel Sparky to the dock. "Don't reel in the dog!" I yelled to my son. Sparky finally made it to shore, ran to higher ground, which sent Luke's fishing reel into motion again, which sent me into motion after Luke, who was tightening the drag on his pole to slow Sparky down!

Fortunately, Super-Dad arrived in time, Sparky was unharmed by Luke's renegade finishing techniques, and I ended up both laughing and cringing at the thought of what could have happened if I wasn't there. Yikes!