Your Kids, Social Media, and the Glory of God

Want to create some havoc in your home? Try cutting off the flow of social media to your kids. That's right. Put all iPhones, Android phones, tablets and computers in a safe and lock them away. Then for good measure, disconnect any cable, DSL, satellite or any other internet connections to your home. Next, see what happens. There are many who think this would be the perfect solution to solve the relational issues your children struggle with. But does this really solve anything?

Outside influence has always been in issue with raising children and, to be honest, for adults as well. Lot chose to live in an attractive city that had plenty of water for crops. It was well populated for protection from wild animals and marauding bands of nomads. But the pride and the resultant sins of this particular city proved to be Lot's undoing.

Proverbs warns about the negative influence of fellow Israelites who would entice young men to throw in their lot with them to steal and murder. Then, in chapter 7, there is the seductive neighbor who waits in the street to lure young fools to enter her bedroom.

The Apostle Paul even quotes a Greek poet to warn that bad company will corrupt good character.

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